FLOATING & Massage Therapy


 Float therapy is an ancient, proven form of holistic medicine. Humans have traveled throughout history to places like The Dead Sea, Bath England, and The Great Salt Lake to take in the healing waters. Current research shows that floating reduces the discomfort and symptoms of many physical and psychological conditions. 

We offer spacious 5'x8' salt water pools  that are non-confining with easy access.

What are the Health Benefits of Floating?

Floating Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Alleviates Chronic Pain ~ Aids in Muscle / Injury Recovery ~ Improves Athletic Performance ~ Naturally Increases Endorphins ~ Helps with Insomnia, Depression, Migraines, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome ~ Hypertension ~ PTSD ~ Autism Spectrum Disorders ~ 

and Much More... 


  Reduce Muscle Tension ~ Relieve Stress ~ Reduce Anxiety ~ Counteracts Sitting ~ Help Chronic Neck and Back Pain ~ Relieve Tension Headaches ~ Boost Immunity ~ 

Increase Range of Motion ~ Enhance Exercise Performance ~ Soft Tissue Strain or Injury Recovery ~ Sleep Better ~ Improve Cardiovascular Health ~ Combats PTSD ~ Decrease Migraine Frequency ~ 

Helps Fibromyalgia ~ Decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain ~ Reduce Pain of Osteoarthritis ~ Lower Joint Replacement Pain ~ 

Ease Symptoms of Depression ~ Improve Overall Emotional and Physiological Well-Being  

Combining Float and Massage Therapy is highly recommended for maximizing your health and healing benefits during your visit.



 Each float room is constructed to be as sound resistant as possible. The rooms are private with a shower and changing area next to the tank. 

The water  is kept at 96 degrees. This temperature is known as the skin-receptor neutral temperature. With sensory deprivation, your brain is free to pump out dopamine and endorphins  as you relax and heal. 

Do I Need To Bring Anything To Float?

No, Just yourself. 

Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to check in. 

We will go over the basics and answer any questions you may have.

Towels, earplugs and anything else you may need will be provided. 

Sensory Deprivation Therapy and Float Therapy

Click button below to read an interesting article about float and sensory deprivation therapy. Aware that many suffer from PTSD or anxiety, please keep in mind that our salt pools are non-confining, so you will not feel encapsulated during your float.

More about float therapy

Can I Drown If I Fall Asleep?

No, 1,300 pounds of Epsom salt does the work for you so you can float weightlessly. You won't be fighting gravity. Float away into complete silence and sensory deprivation and darkness (optional). You will remain buoyant due to the Epsom salt concentration. In-fact, we encourage catching some Zzz's. 

How Are The Tanks Cleaned and Sanitized?

Due to the high Epsom salt concentration, microorganisms don't survive in the high salinity, thus making the float spa a nearly sterile environment. After each float, the water is passed through  a multi-stage filtration process, UV  and hydrogen peroxide treated to fully sanitize the water.


Do not shave or wax before

Remove your contacts

Eat a small, healthy meal 1 hour before

Do not drink caffeine before

Floating Restrictions

Open Wounds ~ Recent Surgery ~ Contagious Skin or Respiratory Disorder ~ Incontinence ~ High Risk Pregnancy ~ Color or Permed Hair Within 7 days